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"GoldNerds has saved me literally hundreds of hours. It's a phenomenal resource and a total 'no brainer' for any goldmining investor...a gold mine of knowledge in front of me, for peanuts."
Marcus Blockey, Currumbin QLD

"... I like GN for the details. With little work I can find the stocks that meet my criteria and not have to rely on internet noise. I have been well rewarded. Love your product, keep it coming."
Dan, Florida, USA.

"... You've got a great product! I have utilized your scoring system to pick a stronger group of stocks after struggling with choices for some time. I have immediately seen positive results. This is no ordinary spreadsheet, it's a verb- alive with information and customizable... I am utterly grateful and very impressed. ."
Bob, North Carolina, USA.

"... I've found the spreadsheet really useful in identifying small companies (ie promising projects not yet identified by the market). It has been invaluable in helping to identify great companies."
Chris Hogarth, Brunei

"... Absolutely Love this product!"
Joanne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"... your programme is brilliant. Comprehensive, easy to use and accurate. By the time I correct all the inaccuracies on every other programme I might as well do it myself. I still check yours but haven't caught you out yet."
Graham Pitkethley, NSW

"I've spent the last few hours in absolute ecstasy (I know, I'm sick) at the wealth of information you've put into such an easy to use spreadsheet. You've practically smashed my research time to zero. Thank you! "
Nikesh Thakorlal, NSW

"The amount of data in the spreadsheet is incredible, and I haven't found anything that's not spot-on."
Allen Gotts, Qld

"Your product is excellent. Keep up the good work."
Les Davis, Managing Director, Silver Lake Resources, WA



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We're crazy about information, and have transformed the way investors look at the gold and silver sector on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We save investors time when researching gold and silver companies, by providing sophisticated yet simple-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Windows only) with up-to-date information and analysis of all the gold and silver companies on the ASX (see list below), currently about 210 companies, including miners, developers, and explorers. 

All operations are by clicking buttons; you barely need to know how to use Excel to use a GoldNerds spreadsheet. You can sort and filter to see how companies compare across a large range of metrics.

Our spreadsheets come in two versions: standard, with market cap and resources information, and professional, with everything in the standard version plus financial information including enterprise value and our unique and powerful valuation indicator, total cost per ounce. Compare the professional and standard versions. Read about the investment factors we cover.

We're comprehensive: the professional version has 9,000+ cells, and there are 80,000+ words in comments about the companies. We're usually more up to date than the company websites. We don't just throw thousands of data points at you, we give you the power to manage the numbers.

Find companies that are undervalued or overpriced, compared to their peers, before other investors. This is invaluable information in judging a stock's prospects. Most subscribers find companies of interest they hadn't known about.


  • All 200+ Australian companies - All the companies on the ASX whose value or focus is at least 50% in gold or silver.  
  • 20 - 40 columns of data - Share price and historic share prices (updateable over the web), number of shares, options*, cash, investments*, hedgebook*, liabilities*, other financial assets*, market cap, enterprise value (EV)*, net financial assets indicator*, minerals, percentage in gold, percentage in silver, reserves, resources, potential, mineable ounces (customizable), dollars-per-ounce for in-ground gold and silver, production, construction costs, cash costs, all-in sustaining costs (AISC), ongoing capital expenditure*, total cost of ownership (TCO)*, dividends*, margin lending LVR's*, dollars-per-production-ounce, sovereign risk, companies in the GDXJ and our estimate of the ETF's next rebalancing buy or sell*, and more.
  • Spreadsheets by subscription - Buy a subscription for 6 or 12 months, which allows you to download the lastet spreadsheet whenever you want. Subscriptions are NOT automatically renewed (to renew, buy another subscription).
  • Updated every two weeks - We check the public announcements of all the companies, update the spreadsheet, and email subscribers that the spreadsheet has been updated.
  • Sort - Rank the companies by any factor, to see how they compare.
  • Filter - Set filters on factors to rule out the companies you don't need to see.
  • Company comments - Descriptions of the company, its projects, its capital raisings, important news, etc.
  • Price updater - Fetches the latest share prices (20 minute delayed) for all shares in seconds.
  • Customisable scores - You set the factors that matter to you, GoldNerds finds the companies that best fit. Finds companies you probably didn't know about.
  • Options* - Listed in full with numbers, strike prices and dates, and recalculated (in-the-money or not?) with every share price update.

* Professional version only


Special Sale: Everyone's doing it tough in the gold sector at the moment. 12 month Professional subscription normally $449, now $299. 6 month Pro and 12 month Standard normally $279, now $169. 6 month Standard normally $169, now just $99.


Requires Microsoft Excel (Excel 2007 or later) running on Windows (XP SP3 or later). Does NOT work on Macs (Mac Office macros are not complete.)



Last updated: 26 Oct 2015


Companies Currently on the GoldNerds Spreadsheet

These are all the companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) whose value or focus is at least 50% gold or silver. 

We're so sure we've got the whole sector that if you tell us about a company we haven't included (and which is not already in the research pipeline, as is typical for recent IPOs) we'll give you one month free professional subscription (if you are already a subscriber, we add it to the end of your current subscription).

Alphabetical by company name (not by ASX code): 


AYC A1 Consolidated Gold
ABU ABM Resources
ADN Adelaide Resources
AQG Alacer Gold
ALY Alchemy Resources
AQI Alicanto Minerals
ALK Alkane Resources
AYR Alloy Resources
AGG AngloGold Ashanti
AWV Anova Metals
AZY Antipa Minerals
AQQ Aphrodite Gold
AOP Apollo Consolidated
ARD Argent Minerals
ARV Artemis Resources
AAJ Aruma Resources
AUK Augur Resources
AMI Aurelia Metals
AOU Auroch Minerals
ARM Aurora Minerals
AUC Ausgold
AOA Ausmon Resources
AGD Austral Gold
AYM Australia United Mining
AUZ Australian Mines
AZM Azumah Resources


BAR Barra Resources
BSR Bassari Resources
BBX BBX Minerals
BCN Beacon Minerals
BDR Beadell Resources
BGS Birimian Gold
BOK Black Oak Minerals
BLK Blackham Resources
BOA Boadicea Resources
BOC Bougainville Copper
BRB Breaker Resources
BTN Brighton Mining Group
BNR Bulletin Resources
BYR Burey Gold


CAY Canyon Resources
CRB Carbine Resources
CDV Cardinal Resources
CDT Castle Minerals
CYL Catalyst Metals
CVR Central Asia Resources
CHN Chalice Gold
CTO Citigold Corporation
CDG Cleveland Mining Company
CPD Condoto Platinum
CVG Convergent Minerals
CGM Cougar Metals
CGN Crater Gold Mining
CAS Crusader Resources


DCN Dacian Gold
DAU Dampier Gold
DRM Doray Minerals
DUO Dourado Resources
DRA Dragon Mining


EAR Echo Resources
ERM Emmerson Resources
ERL Empire Resources
EVR Endeavour Mining
EVN Evolution Mining
EXM Excalibur Mining
EXG Excelsior Gold
EXC Exterra Resources


FIE Firestrike Resources
FML Focus Minerals
FNT Frontier Resources


GCY Gascoyne Resources
GES Genesis Resources
GSC Global Geoscience
GOR Gold Road Resources
GMN Gold Mountain
GMR Golden Rim Resources
GDA Gondwana Resources
GRY Gryphon Minerals


HAV Havilah Resources
HAW Hawthorn Resources
HEG Hill End Gold
HAO Haoma Mining
HIG Highlands Pacific


ICG Inca Minerals
IGO Independence Group
IVR Investigator Resources


KGM KalNorth Gold Mines
KBL KBL Mining
KDR Kidman Resources
KRM Kingrose Mining
KCN Kingsgate
KOR Korab Resources
KGD Kula Gold



LNY Laneway Resources
LSN Lawson Gold
LLO Lion One Metals
LSR Lodestar Minerals
LTR Liontown Resources



MRP MacPhersons Resources
MAR Malachite Resources
MSR Manas Resources
MDD Mandalong Resources
MAT Matsa Resources
MXR Maximus Resources
MML Medusa Mining
MKO Metaliko Resources
MLX Metals X
MDI Middle Island Resources
MOY Millenium Minerals
MLI Mintails
MUM Mount Magnet South
MRQ MRG Metals


NAG Nagambie Mining
NVG Navaho Gold
NCM Newcrest Mining
NTL New Talisman Gold Mines
NXM Nexus Minerals
NMI Northern Mining
NST Northern Star Resources
NWR Northwest Resources


OGC OceanaGold
ORS Octagonal Resources
ORN Orion Gold
ORR OreCorp
OGX Orinoco Gold
OVL Oro Verde
ORX Orrex Resources
OZL OZ Minerals


PNR Pacific Niugini
PAN Panoramic Resources
PGI Panterra Gold
PCP Paramount Mining
PRU Perseus Mining
PXG Phoenix Gold
PIO Pioneer Resources
PGM Platina Resources
PDI Predictive Discovery
PGO Primary Gold
PSP Prosperity Resources


RMS Ramelius Resources
RND Rand Mining
RED Red 5
RCF Redcliffe Resources
RMX Red Mountain Mining
RRL Regis Resources
RNS Renaissance Minerals
RSG Resolute Mining
RBX Resource Base
RIE Riedel Resources
RVY Rift Valley Resources
RTR Rumble Resources


SFR Sandfire Resources
SMI Santana Minerals
SAR Saracen Mineral Holdings
SGZ Scotgold Resources
SEO Sentosa Mining
SIH Sihayo Gold
SCI Silver City Minerals
SLR Silver Lake Resources
SVL Silver Mines
SAU Southern Gold
SOC Sovereign Gold Company
SBM St Barbara
SHK Stone Resources Australia
SWJ Stonewall Resources
SOR Strategic Minerals
SMC Strategic Elements
SUM Sumatra Copper and Gold
SOP SML Corporation


TAM Tanami Gold
TRL Tanga Resources
TAR Taruga Gold
TGZ Teranga Gold
TNR Torian Resources
TBR Tribune Resources
TRY Troy Resources
TRM Truscott Minerals
TYK Tychean Resources
TYX Tyranna Resources


UML Unity Mining


VAN Vango Mining
VEC Vector Resources


WCP WCP Resources
WAF West African Resources
WWI West Wits Mining
WPG WPG Resources
WRM White Rock Minerals