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In Brief

We won’t share your personal details, please don’t share ours. Its all copyright. We don’t give refunds, but we will try to fix any complaints. We’re not advisors; this is not advice. We think all the numbers are right, but we can’t guarantee it. Do your own checking. Get advice. Read our full disclaimer here. Despite all the legal info above, below and sideways, we hope we can provide a valuable service to you that will far exceed the price!

In Full

GoldNerds commits to providing at least 23 biweekly updates in any 12 month period. Updates will be available at the GoldNerds website, and subscribers wil be notified by email that a new version is available. If for any unforeseeable reason we are unable to provide updates for a period, subscribers will receive an extension of their subscription equivalent to the missing period.

Most subscribers will be able to update share prices with a button inside the spreadsheet. We can't guarantee that it will work for all versions of Microsoft Excel on all operating systems. In any case, the updates provided by GoldNerds every second week will have up-to-date prices when they are posted.

Subscription is for an individual and for personal use only. Subscribers agree that they will not share passwords, or GoldNerds Excel files with anyone. We reserve the right to terminate the subscription of any GoldNerds subscriber who violates the GoldNerds copyright or distributes a spreadsheet from us without our written permission.

The GoldNerds products are Microsoft Excel files of data. You must have this application to be able to use the GoldNerds products. We don't provide the application, nor guarantee that our files will be functional in older versions of software. Although as far as we know both our spreadsheets work fine in Microsoft Excel versions from 2003 onwards on Windows.

Copyright - All Rights Reserved

All content, in part or in full, on the GoldNerds website and in the GoldNerds spreadsheets is copyright and may not be reused, resold, distributed, given, or otherwise provided to any third party without express permission by a Director of GoldNerds. This includes images, formulas, data, comparisons and text. You may only use the information from our services for your own personal and non-commercial purposes.

GoldNerds do appreciate publicity, so offers to use our services with attribution may be warmly received. Email us, we'll do our best to give you a prompt reply.


We do not provide refunds unless we are unable to provide the updates as expected. If Goldnerds stops issuing updates, subscribers will receive a pro-rata refund for the part of the subscription GoldNerds could not complete.


GoldNerds will endeavour to resolve complaints as soon as possible, and meet requests or suggestions if they seem appropriate. Let us know if we don’t cover a company on the ASX that is of interest to a gold investor. Likewise, advise us of errors or out of date information. We’ll be grateful, and where the help is deemed especially significant we may extend subscriptions in acknowledgement of the feedback.