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The Toolbox

All GoldNerds spreadsheets have the following tools:



......Sort Buttons




Every company has a text summary that pops up in a comment when you hold the mouse over its name cell. Many other cells have comments too, if there is some useful or pertinent information about the number in the cell. They note things like the number of options that are not included in the options cells (the ones 'out of the money'). Sometimes we note the resources of separate projects, or production predictions for next year when they are very different from the current year.





Customised Scoring

Adjust the weights of over ten factors to set your own scoring system. You decide how important each factor is, then the GoldNerds spreadsheet automatically assesses all the companies to find the ones that best match your priorities. You can see a score for each company, based on your preferences. Sort the scores and line up all the companies that have the profile you are looking for.

For example, if you think gold is going up in price, and small foreign, unhedged companies are the place to be, the spreadsheet will find them. If you feel that unhedged is much more important than the size of the market cap, you can set your preferences to reflect that.


Adjustable factors include:

Market cap
Debt Percent in Gold (vs other minerals)
Hedging Safety (sovereign risk)


Market cap per mineable ounce
Cash cost
TCO (Total cost of Ownership)*




...............*EV and TCO are only available in the Professional products.


The spreadsheet also has filters on every row. Filters temporarily hide every row that doesn't fit the filtering criterion. This means you can whittle the list down to just the companies you want to view, but all of the other data is not lost, just hidden.

For example you can remove say, all the companies with a market cap below 15m, all the companies with a resource of less than 1Moz, and all the companies with a cost per reserve ounce of over $100.


Sorting Heaven

With around 240 companies to choose from and 20-30 columns of data, there are so many ways to sort, we won't list them all here, just a few...


Sort them by resource (find the big Australian ten!)
Sort them by market cap (the heavy list).
Sort them by status ('let me see the developers!')
Sort them by cost-per-mineable ounce (I want bargains!)

... any nerd would be in heaven.

Mesh, mould and explore that data. The best thing is, someone else has spent months putting all the numbers and commentaries together. No need to read thousands of ASX 3B statements (just check those stocks that you decide you might buy). No need to wade through balance sheets, or search sites for resource statements that are hidden and split between several project sites.

No one has been able to publicly search through the ASX gold list like this before. The current scene is awash with inconsistencies and gaps, but that's great news to the savvy investor.


Be one of the first to find the little known companies before the masses move! There are companies out there with big resources, cheap gold, no debt, and next to no publicity. Just what the serious punter wants.