GoldNerds started with a few investors wanting to compare the fundamentals of gold companies on the ASX. It was too much work for any one person to gather all that information, let alone keep it up to date and accurate, so we pooled our efforts and found some other investors to help. Then, to motivate us to keep it up to date and complete, we decided to sell it. We’ve done minimal promotion, but ten years later the business ticks over and we are still at it.

The founding members are scientists, engineers, accountants, and business analysts, who manage numbers. We are also investors and monetary historians. The GoldNerds team is spread across most of the Australian states. Founder and editor David Evans has six degrees in engineering, mathematics, and statistics from Stanford and Sydney universities, and has been investing on the ASX since 1990.

Our subscribers includes gold enthusiasts, mum and dad investors, big time investors, fund managers, and people in the financial industry who use GoldNerds as a first pass for their own research.

What separates us from the rest are our tools and techniques to manage the numbers. GoldNerds is not just a-long-list-of-data, but a workshop to slice, dice and sieve. Our goal is to provide investors with the means to become more independent in their decision making. We know from experience that these are the most successful people.

Lots of information can be a burden, without the ability to filter and sort through it. That’s why we’ve put so much thought into ways to manage the information in a spreadsheet. We use the product ourselves.

David Evans, September 2023