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For technical difficulties wth the spreadsheet, see the Troubleshooting sheet in the GoldNerds spreadsheet -- green tab down the lower left of the spreadsheet window.

........  Will I be able to find...?
........  What software do I need?
  Can I use it with Apple Macs?
  What is the minimum screen size?
  I'm really interested in silver...?
  Do you plan to include other minerals?
  Do you offer trial subscriptions?  
  Does this suit a beginner?  
  Can I pay by direct deposit?  
  Can I upgrade from Standard to Pro?  


Will I be able to find...?

From Brent: Will I be able to find... "gold developers that are currently in the project construction phase, and have cheap in-ground resources. Am I able to search your 280 odd companies that fit such detailed criteria easily?"

This is just the kind of question GoldNerds is designed to answer. We classify companies into Producer, Developer, or Explorer, and we have detailed information about the cost per ounce (both EV and market cap per reserve, resource, or mineable ounce). Click the Filter On/Off button to turn on the filters, and on the Status column check the filter menu item "D" (for developer). Then sort by any of the cost-per-ounce columns by clicking the "Sort" button at the top of the column. Browse the 'company comments' to find out how far down the development track companies are, the main details of their most recent study, and when they expect to be in production. 

What software do I need?

Each GoldNerds product is a Microsoft Excel file. You must have Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) running on Windows to be able to use our products. GoldNerds uses macros to turn the spreadsheet into a mini-program, much easier to use than raw Excel. GOldNerds users barely need to know how to use Excel, because all of the expected operations are done by clicking buttons we have placed on the spreadsheet. GoldNerds products are more program than spreadsheet, they are NOT spreadsheets of raw data. Sorry Mac users, but not all the macros run properly on Mac versions of Excel.

Can I use GoldNerds on an Apple Mac?

We like Macs, but unfortunately Microsoft Excel for Mac does not support all of the macro commands. GoldNerds does not work on Excel for Mac, because it uses macros extensively -- it is not a simple spreadsheet of data. GoldNerds spreadsheets run well on Windows emulation programs such as Parallels on Mac, but that also requires a Windows version of Excel. It is sometimes cheaper and easier to use an old Windows computer with an old copy of Excel (2003 and on).

What is the minimum screen size?

Minimum screen size is 1024 x 768 pixels. This is a huge spreadsheet, and we've compressed the screens as far as we can.

I'm really interested in silver...

We include everything on silver we can find, and treat it as gold equivalent (at the current price ratio). But there are not a lot of silver-focussed companies on the ASX. However there are quite a few gold companies that have some silver resources or production. We have a column % in Silver that estimates the focus or value the company has in silver, which is useful for finding both the purely silver companies and the gold companies with silver properties.

Do you include other minerals?

Silver, yes. The rest, no. We treat silver as equivalent to gold (at the current price ratio) wherever we can find it.

We get occasional inquiries about other metals, but there doesn't seem to be sufficient demand. We have a well advanced piece of software (working, partly polished) to deliver all the information in GoldNerds and more, across all metals and stock exchanges and in all currencies, but we are waiting for either perceived demand to rise or a financial partner in the project.

Do you offer trial subscriptions?

We don't have a trial subscription, unless you call the minimum subscription of 6 months a 'trial'. We are often told our prices are too low as it is (by the standards of professional organiations like brokers it is cheap. although not by the standards of individuals and newsletters). For just $169 minimum we provide hundreds of man-hours of research, and could save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid over-valued companies, sell out of non-performers, or make you thousands by helping you find stocks with more potential.

Does this suit a beginner?

GoldNerds is perfect for independent thinkers who are already gold investors and have Microsoft Excel (experience helpful though not necessary, because to operate it you just click buttons we've put on the spreadsheet). If you don't know anything about resources shares or the gold market, study the extensive Help entries at the top of each column in the spreadsheet or our User Guide. There you'll find details of how to analyze and value gold companies, why they are different from industrials, and warning signs of stocks that are higher risk.

This is not a newsletter with a list of recommended stocks. Instead we've done what no one else has done (including brokers, funds and advisors) -- we've collected information from across the entire sector, and figured out how to slice and dice it so you can make up your own mind and find the companies that other searches miss. Our User Guide describes how to make your own shortlist of stocks up in 5 minutes. You choose the factors, we'll find the companies that fit your bill. You'd need to be the kind of person who makes up your own mind, and is happy to ask questions and read information. If you want someone to tell you which Australian shares to buy (gold specialists who know a lot but don't cover the entire sector), then groups like Fat Prophets, Far East Capital, and Daily Reckoning ("Diggers and Drillers")are worth checking out.

Can I pay by direct deposit?

For Australian customers who'd rather not pay by credit card, we are happy to give you our account number for direct deposits (email us). We can't accept credit card numbers by phone or email (seriously, the bank won't allow it).

If you are outside Australia, email us and we'll find a solution that works for you.

Can I upgrade from Standard to Pro? 

We would be quite happy to upgrade you at any time in your subscription for a pro rata fee for the rest of the subscription period (email us). Many subscribers who initially try the 6 month Standard subscription, resubscribe later for full Pro version. There is more information about the two versions in our User Guide. 



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