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We sell subscriptions to our spreadsheets.

The subscriptions are either for 6 months or 12 months; the spreadsheets are either Standard or Professional.

You may download our current spreadsheet anytime during your subscription.

We notify subscribers by email when we update the spreadsheets (every second Tuesday, but third over Christmas-January).



GoldNerds Spreadsheets


Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, on Windows only. (See note 3 below.)


Macros turn the spreadsheet into a mini-program, which is much easier to use than a raw spreadsheet. It is NOT a raw spreadsheet of numbers. Comments are used extensively to describe the companies and to tell you about the numbers.


Covers all the gold and silver companies on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) -- those whose value or focus is at least 50% in gold or silver, over 200 but up to 300 companies (it fluctautes),


Every column has a Sort button, a Help button, and (after you click the Filters On/Off button) a Filter button.


A price updater gets 20-minute delayed stock prices over the Internet.


Only the barest familarity with Excel is required, because all the expected operations are performed by clicking buttons.


Some Features Illustrated


Compare Pro vs Standard (1 page pdf)  


Investment Features (6 page pdf). Descriptions of the investment factors we cover.


GoldNerds – Standard

Over 20 datapoints per company, plus commentary

Market-cap-per-ounce calculations

Includes: Minerals, reserves, resources, potential, mineable, %-in-gold, % in silver, recent share price, historic share price (choose a date), market cap, market-cap per in-ground-ounce, current production, future production, current cash costs, future cash costs, market-cap per production-ounce, country risk, hedging. See the Standard page for the full list.

Subscription costs: 6 months $129, 12 months $249


GoldNerds – Professional

Over 40 datapoints per company, plus commentary

Cash, EV-per-ounce, and TCO calculations

Includes everything in the Standard plus: Cash, debt, enterprise value (EV), EV per in-ground-ounce,options (including totals of in the money and out of the money), investments in other listed companies, constructions costs still to be paid, ongoing capex, total cost of ownership (also with on-going capex and country risk adjustments), dividends and dividend yields, margin lending rates, and an estimate of the GDXJ rebalancing buy or sell. See the Professional page for the full list.

Subscription costs: 6 months $239, 12 months $399



Hardware and Software Requirements 

1. Each GoldNerds product is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) file for Windows. You must have Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) running on Windows (Windows 2000or later) to be able to use our products. GoldNerds uses macros to turn the spreadsheet into a mini-program, which is much easier to use than a raw spreadsheet -- it is NOT a raw spreadsheet of numbers.

2. Minimum screen size: 1024 x 768 pixels. 

3. Apple Macs? We like them, but unfortunately Microsoft Excel for Mac 2008 does not support macros and therefore cannot run GoldNerds, while previous and later versions of Excel for Mac supported most but not all of the "standard" macros -- so GoldNerds does not work in Excel for Mac. We do NOT recommend using a Mac for using a GoldNerds spreadsheet, unless using a Windows emulation program such as Parallels on Mac (you will also need a Windows version of Excel).